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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Accessibility are an important part of designing a website. The benefits of creating your website with both in mind will help with Search Engines.

We will provide basic SEO techniques to give your website an advantage. SEO is very competitive and there's no guarantee that you'll be able to get your site on a first page of search results. We can bump up your site's ranking just by optimizing the text and links.

The way it works is search engines analyzes the words on your website. The engine records those important keywords and phrases. When you type the words you're looking for into a search box, the engine tries to match your words with the words from webpages it has analyzed, and it then delivers a list of matches. The engine ranks the results according to a variety of criteria.

So we will provide SEO (search engine optimization) techniques that exist to give your sites an advantage in this ranking, and many of these apply to Web design.

  • Offer original content with genuine value and relevance to your readers.
  • Strategically seed your copy with keywords that describe your content and that correspond with the phrases people are using to perform their searches.
  • Embed keywords where they matter most, in the title, headings, links, metadata (part of your page's source code), and image and video tags.
  • Make every page of your site unique. In addition to original content, each page should have its own topic, title, and page specific keywords (though you can use the highest volume keywords throughout your site.)
  • Deliver on the promise of your keywords don't lure people to your site with words that don't accurately represent your content.
  • Link to other relevant sites, and encourage those sites to link to yours.
  • Optimize your site for people first through clear, concise writing and for search engines second. Implement SEO without turning your text into nonsense.

Why Web Accessibility Matters?

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By creating your website with accessiblity in mind disability people can still read your content. Also, it actual will definitely help with search engines. Both, goes hand-n-hand. Which is why you should also try to do it this way.

With accessibility more people can access your content using special devices, like screen reader and voice command. These devices are becoming mainstream not just for visual impair. Phones and even cars can read your website back to you. The possibilities are endless.

By having both in mind, your content becomes easier to parse and read. It's more cleaner, with a more semantic markup. SEO increases "findability" with the search engines like google and bing. Plus, shareability on social networks.

When creating a page define a language, meta tags and use better semantic markup with HTML5. Then you should create content hierchies with heading tag. Put contents in paragraph tags, use ordered and unordered list when neccessary.

For more information on accessibility and the free screen readers for the blind or visually impaired users, visit: Screen Readers For The Blind.

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