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Posted at 2:23 pm Accessibility, Interactive, Modern_Design

By creating your website with accessiblity in mind disability people can
still read your content. Also, it actual will definitely help with search
engines. Both, goes hand-n-hand. Which is why you should also try to do it this way.

With accessibility more people can access your content using special devices, like
screen reader and voice command. These devices are becoming mainstream not just
for visual impair. Phones and even cars can read your website back to you.
The possibilities are endless.

By having both in mind, your content becomes easier to parse and read. It’s more
cleaner, with a more semantic markup. SEO increases “findability” with the search
engines like google and bing. Plus, shareability on social networks.

When creating a page define a language, meta tags and use better semantic markup
with HTML5. Then you should create content hierchies with heading tag. Put
contents in paragraph tags, use ordered and unordered list when neccessary.